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About Us

Xavier Vivas is the founder and owner of Reputable Translations. He has been a professional translator and former associate member of the Society of Translators and Interpreters of British Columbia.
He has translated extensive documents for all kinds of industries, including legal, literary and technical translation.
Xavier had the honour to collaborate with renowned Canadian and international authors such as the philosopher André Moreau, the visionary artist Nicolas Lehoux, and the Dalai Lama translating books such as; “El Movimiento Jovialista”, La Felicidad Absoluta, El Maestro Psicodélico, y Los Consejos del Dalai Lama para Niños de Todas las Edades.”

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide you with superior quality that you can trust. Our translation services range from your language of business into various other languages.
We understand the importance for you and your business to communicate, publish or distribute your material in a clear, trustworthy fashion and that is why our highly qualified professionals have been selected from the finest translators in the industry. Our trained and experienced translators provide nothing but professional results at an affordable cost.
This web site has been designed in order for you to submit your material DIRECTLY to us in an easy, classified manner. Whether you choose to pay using PayPal or Credit Card, we ensure security and confidentiality.