How should I submit my documents?

You can send us an email or in case of very extensive translations please send us your documents via cloud services such as WeTransfer or Google Drive.

What electronic formats do you handle?

The best way is to submit your document in Word format or another word processor; however, we also accept other formats such as: Excel, PowerPoint, websites, Dreamweaver, etc.

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on different factors but basically: the number of words, the complexity of the document and time response you need. The more notice you give us the better. However, other factors may also have an effect on the price, for instance advanced terminology, or customization of your document into a certain format or website localization. Usually, most translation projects go from $0.10-$0.17/word.

How much time does it take you to translate my document?

It all depends on the complexity of your document, the format you want it and the length of it. Our time of response is fast and usually we can process short translations within 24-48 hours. However, if you need your text to be translated as soon as possible we suggest you to send it with advanced notice in a friendly electronic format such as Word.

What are the payment methods?

We accept most credit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, etc) as well as PayPal, Interact transfers and business cheques.

How do you handle my documents?

To start the process we send the information to an Account Manager (AM) who reviews the document and assign it to the specialist translator for that type of text. Depending on the length of the document, it may be assigned to various translators (team) and once the whole document is translated it is re-assigned to another translator for a review of content and uniformity. For extensive documents there may a second revision with another translator. Once approved, we contact you and send you the document in your preferred format.

How do you guarantee confidentiality?

We have a strong confidentiality policy and our professionals are committed to ethical conduct in all our business dealings. We have also developed methods to avoid any risk of a confidentiality breach: One of them is the use of electronic passwords for every project and also TCII (Temporary Change of Important Information), our secure proprietary process. TCII consists of replacing some KEY WORDS in your text temporarily before assigning your document to any translator. This process is optional upon request and handled by the Account Manager (AM). At the end of the translation the AM restore the original information and reviews the document for the last time.